GET Local

About GET Local


Our mission

 Our mission is to restore confidence to Irish communities by developing community supported enterprises, which will increase resilience and retained wealth in the local economy.  We want our community to be aware of the healthy lifestyle choices within their reach.

Our story

There is a natural disposition within Get Local toward an egalitarian and just society. From our founders, Ross Rabette and Aidan O’Brien, to every member of our project team there is a deeply held belief that this kind of society is worth working hard to achieve.

The idea for GET Local was partly inspired by successes and failures experienced in the Cloughjordan EcoVillage project.  Our experiences have shown that too often, worthy community-led projects fail as members run out of energy and resources to support them. For this reason we wanted to build a team that would explore ways to affect change while being able to earn a living from it.

When we embarked on the project in early 2012, we thought that the focus would be based around community energy investments or project based initiatives. As time moved on, it became clear that what was really missing were the local enterprises that allow these projects to happen. We evolved from a local, low-carbon, project based agency to an enterprise creation agency in the low carbon economy with a division to build sales for local entrepreneurs.

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