Borrisokane Community Forum

Borrisokane Community Forum is a group which has come together to improve and promote the town we live in, by developing shared goals in order to address needs of the community, maintain its heritage and environment,  and promote greater cohesion among groups in Borrisokane.

Our plans

We want to secure an office base to help us promote what is already happening in Borrisokane

We are consulting local community groups and businesses on how we can all work together better to promote the town, get more people involved in voluntary activity and generate new business in the town.

 We intend to hold a public meeting in the new year to discuss the findings from our surveys and plan next steps

Some of the issues we have been discussing include :

–          Isolated older people

–          Childcare

–          How waste from one business could be raw material for another

–          Developing a niche, something Borrisokane could be famous for

–          New business start up units

–          A Community Vegetable Growing scheme

 We know we can’t do it all.  We know that by working together better we can do more than we have ever done before